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Place: Balanced Living, Bukit Timah road, next to the 6th Avenue MRT station.
Price: Sg $90  10% of intake will be going to the Butterfly House charity in Nepal.

Do you often feel at the year's end that you're chasing your tail, rushing around taking care of everyone else's needs?

Would you like to have time to rest, relax and reflect on 2017 and make some personal plans for 2018?

Does having some space to pause, open up, contemplate and do great alignment based Hatha Yoga and soothing Yin sound like a fantastic idea?


I know from my own experience, we often tend to the emotional and physical needs of others, especially when things start hotting up towards the big holiday season. 

Yet how often do we consider our own needs? We get caught in organising and taking care of others we forget to make time to step back and care for ourselves.

Would you love to spend the morning practicing blissful Yoga with people like you, reflect on this past year and make some nurturing and creative plans for your self care and self fulfilment  in the coming year?
Oh, and how about setting up some strategies to ensure you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year too?!

"Sarah’s workshop really opened my mind (and heart!) to a new way of being. She offered several practical ways I could enrich my busy and often overwhelming lifestyle by taking time for myself, in small, manageable ways.  I’m now determined to put these changes into practice.  I hadn’t realised how much I was neglecting my own self-care.  I feel rejuvenated, energised and inspired by her warmth and gentle guidance.  She is also very down-to-earth and explained everything really well, making this a perfect course for anyone new to yoga. Thank you!!"

Bethan Morgan at the London Yoga of Caring workshop


This 3 hour workshop is perfect for taking a pause as you go into this busy holiday season.

  • Nourish and strengthen your body, mind and heart in an equally opening and strengthening Hatha with Yin Yoga class for all levels of student 

  • Take stock on your place as it is now at this stage in your life with powerful guided reflections and journalling. Clear out what didn't serve you in 2017 and move towards a rewarding easeful 2018.

  • Experience how Yogic teachings can support you on your path and help you build resilience and inner strength to reflect and plan with clarity and truth.

End of workshop photo Yoga to Care for the Carer workshop Singapore April 2017. Happy times!   

End of workshop photo Yoga to Care for the Carer workshop Singapore April 2017. Happy times!


About Sarah.

I have been practising Yoga since I was 15 and teaching for over 10 years.

My passion is to guide others to find their best true selves. To guide people to bring creative outlets into their lives, to find a Yoga path that suits them and to and ignite a zest for living life with purpose and poetry.
I strive to demonstrate kindness, dedication and above all, love.

I practice Yoga when life is wonderful, tedious, busy or boring and when anxiety about my son with ASD looms strong, or worry on any other life matter has me in its grip.
It soothes and comforts, challenges and stretches me and I know I wouldn't be as patient or self-aware if it weren't for my Yoga practice and the insight and resilience it brings.

I want to pass this learning on to you.


"Thank you once again for a wonderful week of yoga, relaxation, healthy eating and above all great company !  I had an amazing time and felt honoured to be part of your retreat kula.  You're an inspirational teacher Sarah - thank you for opening your heart, sharing your strength, wit and wisdom... I can't wait for your next retreat !! "

Carolyn Sivaram Yoga student and prenatal Yoga teacher after our November retreat in Chiang Mai


"Beyond teaching postures Sarah weaves in wonderful stories from Yogic texts and myths which give food for thought while you have the opportunity to reflect without the normal daily distractions.
Sarah makes this all seem effortless however it is clearly achieved through meticulous planning.
For me this is intelligent teaching of the highest level delivered with a genuine passion to not only improve our physical ability but also, if the students choose, start to understand that Yoga can offer much more than a straight back and long hamstrings!
I feel very fortunate to have found Sarah as part of my Yoga journey and can’t recommend the experience of her classes and workshops enough for anyone, especially people new to Yoga who like me are trying to seek out the most authentic, skilled and generous teachers to learn from

Carl Jackson  Regular student and VP at The Linde Group.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please email me directly at info@sarahbyoga.net

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Please note as with all our workshops, once payment is made, no refund is available.
Thank you.

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